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Certified Yoga Therapist


Teaching to cultivate compassion, relieve pain, awaken and empower the possibilities for over 27 years. Offerings are gentle and all level.

All classes listed below are Live Online via Zoom. Times listed are EST, Eastern Standard Time
When you email Arden, she will email back the link to join. You need internet and computer, tablet or phone to participate.


APRIL 27th - MAY 18th , MONDAYS 3:00 – 4:00 pm

$52- $60 for 4-week course, $$16 -$17 drop-in sliding scale

Recordings only: same price
Live and Recording: add $5 to each class.
(Recordings are available until the Sunday of that week. If you miss a live class, I send you the recording)
4/27 + 5/11  Neck/Shoulders/Upper body
5/4 + 5/18 Hips/Low Back/Legs

Emphasizing Breath Initiated Movements (BIM) when dynamic and full breathing when holding. BIM reduces stress by binding the breath, prana, mind and body into a unified flow into the present. Presence is “everything” and the hardest to achieve.  Impatience, ego, shoulds and have-tos fall away. Spaciousness, time, ease and intuition increase.   Some self-massage too.

YOGA THERAPY SPINAL 4  + Better Breathing Yoga

30 minute classes at 11:30am, M-T-W, M-M-M,  T-T-T or W-W-W! you choose.

Live online classes: 3 for $33, 6 for $66, 9 for $99. Please indicate M-T-W, M-M-M,  T-T-T or W-W-W.
Sliding scale: Take $1-$3 off per class.
Recordings only: same price.
Live online and recording: add $5 to each live class.
(Recordings are available until the Sunday of that week. If you miss a live class, I send you the recording)
Class time: 11:30 am – Noon
MON              TUES              WED
5/4                  5/5                  5/6
5/11               5/12               5/13
5/18               5/19               5/20
On Monday + Wednesdays - Spinal 4: is referring to the four basic movements of the spine. The spine is our core, our posture, our attitude; it needs to be open, happy and strong. In each 30 minute session, we will stretch and strengthen the spine in all its directions. Within those motions we will integrate the klesha* understanding to enhance embodiment of focus, acceptance, courage and letting go.
On Tuesdays – Better Breathing Yoga: Better Breathing can relieve back pain and anxiety, regulates the polyvagal nervous system and cultivates the 5 SUB-PRANAS. Better Breathing frees your body and emotions, and is the nexus of pranic flow. This course teaches you techniques for improving your breathing mechanics alone and coordinated with gentle yoga poses. Within these practices we will integrate the klesha* understanding to enhance embodiment of focus, acceptance, courage and letting go.


APRIL 1st – MAY 6th, Wednesdays 6-7:30pm

$108 - $126 Sliding scale, drop-in ($20 - $25), recording available

Spring is the time for internal cleansing to remove stagnation and toxins in body-mind. A yearly cleanse is wise as what we consume or absorb from our environment can affect your well-being.   Are you feeling sluggish or frustrated? Are you bogged down with the details of life? Having difficulty with planning or seeing the big picture? Emphasizing the liver and gall bladder with the practices, you will also learn the fascinating functions of these internal organs. We will practice gentle yoga, ie twists, hips openers and exercises to flush and tone the liver and gall bladder, and self-shiatsu practice to free your stuck thoughts and feelings so you can flow through your life.    Dietary shifts are optional, and easier with the support of the group


APRIL 9th – MAY 14th, Thursdays 9:30 – 11:30am

$108 - $135 sliding scale offered. drop-in ($20 - $25)

Foam Roller required, can be borrowed or purchased from me.

A gentle exploration to free the psoas while creating stability in the pelvis.  The psoas is central in our being for core movement and balance, hence our creativity, such as dance, speech/song, and our awakening, are profound aspects of its function. Because the fight/fright/freeze mechanism (autonomic nervous system) is set in the psoas, the practices also can release and integrate imbedded impressions of stress and trauma. Ideal for women in pre-conception phase or menopause, and for men and women with back and pelvis aches, stress and anxiety. We will explore the fascial meridian associated with the psoas through release, stretch and massage with foam roller. We will practice therapeutic tremoring (or it’s more calm alternative) when appropriate.  This is a gentle and safe release-work approach to take you to your next step on your path in mind, body and spirit.  This “hidden survival muscle” in your body will boost your energy levels, immune system, sexual function, strength and athletic performance when unlocked.


APRIL 9th  –  30th , Thursdays 6:00 – 7:00pm

$52- $60 for 4-week course, $$16 -$17 drop-in sliding scale, recording available

Bad breathing habits are as common as stress. They are linked to back pain, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, pelvic floor dysfunction, insomnia, digestive problems, chest pain, etc. Because it’s automatic we ignore it’s profound function.

Better Breathing frees your body and emotions, and is the nexus of pranic flow.

The POLYVAGAL, autonomic nervous system, is most intimately connected to the breath, understanding this deepens the conscious breath practice to promote connectivity and safety.  And change your ability to regulate, sense/feel your internal self and change your story. When we can sense our breathing, we take better actions towards our own well-being.

This course teaches you techniques for improving your breathing mechanics, PV regulation and to cultivate the 5 SUB-PRANAS. Practices include: gentle yoga poses, yoga breathing, and shared theory and research.

Pregnancy Yoga Therapy & Labor Readiness Course

April 27th, May 4th, 11th + 18th, Mondays 6 – 7:30pm,

4 weeks for live online $60. Drop-in $16-17.

Recordings only: same price
Live and Recording: add $5 to each class.
(Recordings are available until the Sunday of that week. If you miss a live class, I send you the recording)

Like the life cycle of a butterfly, you transform with pregnancy and birth. Your body changes,

your perspective, your new or expanding role, as mama. In each class, go into a cocoon

and emerge with more freedom, skill and confidence. The teaching includes therapeutic adaptive

yoga for strength and flexibility, pelvic floor awareness, breathing, self-massage, sound,

visualization and more. Practices for labor and birth are fully integrated

Update on Deep Forest Yoga retreat (not online):

The running of the retreat at Temenos on May 22nd   –  25th is unknown at this point. In April, I will have a better sense if it can happen, or try and run it July 3rd   – 6th

Individual Online self-care sessions or consultations are available! Routines are meant to be simple and do-able, adapting to YOUR body, mind and breath.

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PROPS are Required You will need to get a few props together or substitutions. If you are interested in purchasing or borrowing a soft foam roller from me, let me know.

Arden Sundari, BA South Asian Studies and teaching since 1992.  Certified as Structural Yoga Therapist, and trained in Krishnamacharya lineage and Shiatsu. Besides teaching through her private practice, Arden, also teaches at Cooley Dickinson Hospital and Smith College as an adjunct professor. Arden joyously guides others into experiences that heal and awaken on every level. Her deep listening and therapeutic approach is assessable to all abilities. Arden’s teaching cultivates compassion, relieves pain and empower the possibilities.